Finding True Success: A Life Journey

Finding True Success: A Life Journey

Finding True Success: A Life Journey - Available on Amazon Kindle 


Most people are at a loss for what to do in a society where success is measured by one’s pedigree or the appearance of their names on the Forbes list of the world’s richest persons.  Most of them think about all these things and it turns around to unconsciously condition and control how they aspire for wealth and greatness, making them define success as the manifestation of what the eyes can see. The truth of it all is that success is not dependent on any material possession. Just like the stars, success illuminates and makes all things beautiful.

Finding True Success – A Life Journey is my definition of what true success is. It gives you the keys to finding true success and also presents you with tips to sustain it. This is so because it is not only about finding it, it is also about sustaining the true success when you find it. This enables you to know that you should be more concerned with achieving true success which comes from linking up with others who depend on your journey, than that which comes with accumulating material possessions for yourself believing that to be true success.

By Nathaniel Bogan