Smart Appliances for Your Home

Smart Appliances for Your Home

Maybe you already have a smart speaker or home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Echo. These gadgets, when paired with additional accessories, can control your lights, your thermostat and your home security system. But did you know these speakers, and your smart devices – such as phones and tablets – can also control appliances in your home? Here is a closer look at some of the smart appliances brought to you by the internet of things. 

Smart Refrigerator
It honestly sounds like something from the future, but a smart refrigerator can be really useful in your busy household. It can actually keep track of things like expiration dates and your use of certain items. It does this through RFID with which it will scan products and download information directly from the internet. 

Imagine that your refrigerator knows that you need milk. It can alert you to the fact that you need to stop and buy milk or simply add it to your shopping list when the supply gets low. 

Smart Oven Ranges
When your oven can also connect to Wi-Fi and download information directly from the internet, your job in the kitchen can be much easier. Your stove will connect to an app that you can use to set the oven to preheat or control the temperature remotely whether you're in your living room or across town in your office. 

You may also be able to connect the oven to a recipe app. This can give you a nearly hands-off approach to cooking as it will preheat the oven to the proper temperature and turn it off when the food is finished based on the recipe instructions. 

Smart Washers and Dryers
Not everyone loves to do laundry. But it can be made easier with the use of smart washers and dryers. These appliances connect to your home network to make the entire process simpler. They connect to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled through a smart home assistant, like Alexa, or through your smartphone. 

You can control the appliances from wherever you are and receive a notification when your laundry is done. The washer can sense the load, including the level of dirtiness, and choose the right cycle. Smart appliances, like your washer and dryer, will also alert you when maintenance is necessary.